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Colorado Media Newsroom
November 1st, 2016, 12:42 PM
From All Access:

SIRIUSXM Election Night programming will include live anchored primetime coverage of the returns on several channels. The conservative PATRIOT, liberal PROGRESS, and nonpartisan P.O.T.U.S. channels will extend live programming to the overnight hours.
On PATRIOT, hosts DAVID WEBB and ANDREW WILKOW and BREITBART NEWS' ALEX MARLOW will host primetime coverage, with "CAM AND COMPANY FROM NRANEWS.COM" host CAM EDWARDS and "BAUER AND ROSE" co-host TOM ROSE handling overnight through 6a (ET).
On P.O.T.U.S., JULIE MASON and TIM FARLEY will host through the night with JARED RIZZI at CLINTON headquarters, TOM BASILE at TRUMP headquarters, and RICK UNGAR at a bipartisan watch party in OHIO.

On PROGRESS, MICHELANGELO SIGNORILE, MARK THOMPSON, and NOMIKI KONST will host the primetime coverage with "THE AGENDA" host ARI RABIN-HAVT at CLINTON headquarters and TOURÉ, JOE SUBDAY, and LINDA SARSOUR hosting overnight specials.

On URBAN VIEW, special coverage will be hosted by Dr. WILMER LEON 8p-1a (ET). Meanwhile, on INSIGHT, hosts and comics PETE DOMINICK, JOHN FUGELSANG, and DEAN OBEIDALLAH will host "MOCK THE VOTE" 6p-1a (ET), and J-L CAUVIN will do his TRUMP impersonation on COMEDY GREATS along with MOJO NIXON, NICK DIPAOLO, the LIBERAL REDNECKS, and other comedians on "F* POLITICS." Finally, RADIO CLASSICS will air the classic 1940 "GRACIE for President" arc from "THE BURNS AND ALLEN SHOW" on NOVEMBER 5th 8p-midnight and again on Election Night 6-8p (ET).

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