View Full Version : April Fools Prank Ends in Florida DJ's Suspension

Colorado Media Newsroom
April 2nd, 2013, 08:06 AM
From Radio Online:


While it has all the earmarking of a great publicity stunt, we'll assume for the present that the suspension of Val St. John and Scott Fish, the morning duo at WWGR Gator Country 101.9/Fort Myers, Florida is legit. The duo pulled out the ancient April Fools prank of announcing that "dihydrogen monoxide" was coming out of the water taps in Lee County. For those who can still recall 8th-grade biology class, "dihydrogen monoxide" is simply the scientific term for water. Nevertheless, Lee County Utilities office had to spend the morning fielding calls from residents who wanted to know if the water was safe for drinking.

According to a report from News-Press.com GM Tony Renda immediately pulled St. John and Fish off the air and then aired a taped apology almost every spot set for the rest of the day. Today the morning show was relegated to liners and music. Renda said, "It is one thing when radio stations change their format or other crazy things they do. But you are messing with one of the big three, food, water or shelter. They just went too far; I just knew I didn't like that."

St. John has been with the station for 16 years and Fish for 10, Renda said, with St. John considered something of a station "institution." If it was a publicity stunt, it's been quite effective. It got tons of publicity and media coverage.

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