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    Default Radio Station’s Ties to Hate Groups Look Ironic in Light of Hosts’ Tragedies

    From The Colorado Times Recorder:

    Denver’s KNUS 710-AM management isn’t saying whether the radio station will air a new show hosted by the Colorado Proud Boys, a designated hate group, according to a report by 9News’ Jeremy Jojola.

    But Louie Huey, one of the Proud Boys behind the show, appeared as a featured guest on KNUS as recently as Oct. 26.

    The Proud Boys have been labeled hate groups by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center, two organizations that track such groups.

    But Huey, who identifies as Hispanic, claims he’s not part of a hate group. He did not return an email from my colleague Erik Maulbetsch seeking comment.

    White supremacist and other hate groups are on the rise in Colorado, with increasing ties to Republicans and others in the state.

    The presence of a hate group on KNUS would be tragically ironic, given that KNUS morning show anchor Peter Boyles regularly touts the legacy of Denver talk radio pioneer Alan Berg and the close friendship and professional association they shared before the evening of June 18, 1984 when Berg was assassinated in his driveway. Berg was shot with a MAC-10 submachine 12-13 times in the face and body by a hit squad of 4 members of The Order, a white supremacist group that operated in the Pacific Northwest.

    Another KNUS host, Randy Corporon, was a also victim of neo-Nazi violence. On April 13, 2014, Corporon’s 69-year-old cousin, Dr. William Lewis Corporon, along with Reat Griffin Underwood, Dr. Corporon’s 14-year-old grandson, were murdered in a hate crime at the Overland Park Jewish Community Center in Kansas City. The shooter was a 73-year-old Klansman, neo-Nazi and former political candidate named Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr.

    Corporon didn’t return a call seeking to know whether he had qualms about having Huey on his show and if he was opposed to having the Major League Liberty show co-hosted by a Proud Boy aired on KNUS.

    KNUS faced scrutiny this week when producer Kirk Widlund was accused of posting neo-Nazi messages on the Russian social media site VK. One of Widland’s posts stated that Widlund believes the U.S. fought on the wrong side in WWII — as an ally of Communists, socialists, and Zionists, which is ironic since Widlund produces a show on KNUS which highlights American veterans, and has featured laudatory profiles of many WWII veterans.

    But Widland says none of the VK posts under the “Kirk Widlund” profile were written by him, saying it is all a smear against him by Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists, the anonymous group that first posted the “Kirk Widlund” material.

    Questions about KNUS’ ties to white nationalists were also raised due to its association with Michelle Malkin, a Colorado-based conservative activist who has partnered with KNUS in hosting rallies and counter-protests against immigrants rights groups. Malkin has been disavowed by groups due to her associations with known white nationalist individuals and groups. She also wrote a book defending the racial profiling and the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII.

    Logan Schwarz, Huey’s partner on their Major League Liberty show, announced that the show would be moving to KNUS in a Facebook broadcast (at 4 minutes).


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    Default 710KNUS won’t comment on alleged neo-Nazi and Proud Boy connections

    From 9 News:

    710KNUS won’t comment on alleged neo-Nazi and Proud Boy connections

    710KNUS producer Kirk Widlund denied any connection to neo-Nazi social media posts that have been attributed to him.

    DENVER — A local radio producer for conservative talk radio station 710KNUS said years worth of neo-Nazi social media posts attributed to him are an elaborate hoax by the leftist group Antifa.

    Kirk Widlund is the executive producer of The Steffan Tubbs Show and The American Veteran Show. He also hosts the 710KNUS podcast Keeping America Great.

    A review of the social media profile and 710KNUS audio found the neo-Nazi profile and Widlund both described being removed from Twitter on April 14, using very similar language. The social media profile blamed the Twitter ban on Zionist-Occupied Government and a dispute with a “Jewess.”

    KNUS management declined to comment on the allegations. Widlund denied any connection to the account but would not discuss why his language on 710KNUS mirrored the social media account in April.

    The Colorado Springs Antifa group, which is known for outing and doxing people it says are fascists and racists, posted what it claims is an extensive archive of a profile belonging to ---Kirk-- Widlund. is an alternative social media site to Facebook based in Russia often used by people who have been banned for inflammatory and racist postings on other social media platforms.

    When reached by phone, Widlund initially said no comment, but when pressed on the VK profile he said, “Yeah, it’s not true. It’s not me.”

    The alleged VK profile under the name “Kirk Widlund” contains numerous postings of white supremacy memes, racist images and anti-semetic references.

    A posting from the profile on April 14, 2019 closely matches what Widlund said on air, the following day.

    The April 14 posting read:

    “Honk honk, b******.

    Twitter, the last ZOG (Zionist-Occupied Government) platform that I was allowed to be on, finally ax’d my account for calling out a Jewess who was pushing fake news.

    So, no more tweeting for me.”

    On April 15, Widlund had the following conversation with on-air host Steffen Tubbs about his Twitter account getting “axed:"

    Tubbs: What did you text me?

    Widlund: I said, uh, Twitter finally axed my whole account.

    Widlund then describes how his account was axed for calling out a “verified liberal” for pushing “fake news.”

    Widlund: So I call her out for her fake news, right?

    Tubbs: Did she report you?

    Widlund: She reported me.

    On Twitter, Tubbs said the social media account attributed to his producer was a forgery.

    “Watch your allegations, fool,” Tubbs wrote. “There is an internal investigation going on and so far has found no truth to your fake, doctored documents.”

    “A libel suit may be in your future,” Tubbs tweeted to Colorado Springs Antifa. “We know who you are.”

    Tubbs declined to comment to 9NEWS, citing a pending “internal investigation” at 710KNUS.

    Widlund claimed he is being harassed by Antifa.

    “Yes, Antifa doxed me. Went to my home, dropped off fliers. Put my home address on fliers and have been trying to intimidate and threaten me since," he said.

    When asked again to answer to the VK posting closing matching what he said on the radio, Widlund ended the conversation with, “ comment to that.”

    Widlund, who is often heard on-air during Tubbs’ show, was not on-air Wednesday.

    Tubbs said Widlund was taking “much-needed” and “well-deserved” vacation time and would return to the air Friday.

    Tubbs repeatedly alluded to the situation on Wednesday’s broadcast, saying “I’ve got to talk in code.”

    He disavowed support for neo-Nazis and repeatedly criticized Antifa, talking about “bad people” who should be “socked in the mouth.”

    New show with a Colorado Proud Boy?
    Amid the neo-Nazi allegation, the co-host of a conservative Facebook podcast run by a local Proud Boy announced the show is moving to KNUS.

    The Proud Boys have been classified as a hate-group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and by the local Anti-Defamation League.

    On December 9, co-host “Liberty Logan” announced on Facebook, “Major League Liberty is going to its own website, we will be on the radio, not too long, on KNUS so be ready for that.”

    Liberty Logan is a host with Colorado Proud Boy Louie Huey who told 9NEWS in a story last month his club is not a hate group.

    Huey previously appeared on Tubbs’ show on September 23.

    710KNUS General Manager Brian Taylor declined to comment about Widlund and the potential new show on Wednesday.

    710KNUS host Peter Boyles has a history of featuring guests from VDARE, another organization classified as a hate-group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    VDARE’s website features articles including “Baylor Football’s Black Rape Culture,” “Saboteurs Even In The Border Patrol–Are They Hispanic?” and “Do We Need More Hispanics?”

    The article questioning the “need” for more Hispanics argued that America does not, because “Hispanics who manage to stay in school do as poorly as blacks.”




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