View Full Version : Syfy's “Face Off” returns with Colorado contender

Colorado Media Newsroom
January 3rd, 2014, 11:01 AM
From The Denver Post:

Tess Laeh, a special effects artist from Littleton, will compete on season six of Syfy’s inspiring-to-icky makeup and special effects reality show, “Face Off.” (http://www.syfy.com/faceoff)The local contender contractually can’t say anything about how she did on the reality competition, premiering Jan. 19, but she did talk about how she got this far.
Laeh had always wanted to be video game designer, since age 10, but “I found out I hate computers.” That ended that dream. Instead, a teacher steered her toward visual effects and she ended up being a special effects artist, working on puppets and monsters.
“I’m a total nerd so I’ve always done cosplay,” she said (that’s costume play for the uninitiated). She took classes in special effects with Tom Savini (http://savini.com/Savini.com/Welcome.html)at the Douglas Education Center in Monessen, Pa., learned how to do a live cast, make professional molds, paint specific materials. “My specialty is really sculpting, huge things. I’m a pretty damn good mold maker, too. On a professional level.”
She studied with eye and teeth effects guru, Will Ritter, whose work on “Kill Bill” is renowned. Locally she’s worked at a mannequin factory, Fusion Specialties in Broomfield.
Season 6 of “Face Off,” Laeh claims, “is one of the most talented they’ve ever had. We’ve all become friends. There’s not a single person you’re going to hate.” How refreshing for a reality TV show. But we’ll be the judge of that.

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