View Full Version : Comcast Encrypts Their Basic Package In Denver

October 15th, 2013, 02:06 PM
Comcast is now encrypting their basic package (that consisted of mostly local Over The Air channels) on their systems in the Denver metro area as of today. After a scan, no channels are available in the clear anymore. A set-top box is now required to receive any channels.

Comcast says about the changes:
"We are encrypting our Limited Basic channels, which will result in the scrambling of those signals. As a result, a digital device is required on every TV in order to unscramble the signals and permit you to view your services. Encryption encodes programming so that individuals cannot view it without authorization and payment. In addition, encryption allows us to automate certain system functions and will reduce the need for scheduled in-home appointments, providing greater convenience for our customers."

See attached for the notification sent to customers.