View Full Version : Aspen Public Radio Founder Sy Coleman Dies At 77

Colorado Media Newsroom
June 19th, 2020, 02:09 PM
From All Access:

ASPEN PUBLIC RADIO founder SY COLEMAN died MONDAY (6/15) of a heart attack at his winter home in CUSCO, PERU at 77, reports the ASPEN TIMES. While he had tested positive for COVID-19 this SPRING, the disease's role in his passing is unclear.

COLEMAN, a physicist and engineer, moved to ASPEN and, missing public radio like he had become accustomed to hearing in BOSTON, first put up unlicensed relays of KUWR/LARAMIE, WY on mountaintops to reach ASPEN, then got a license for KAJX/ASPEN in 1988, broadcasting from his living room. He served as station manager through the mid-'90s; in recent years, he had been a public critic of some of the station's programming changes, including dropping local Jazz shows.

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