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Colorado Media Newsroom
January 21st, 2020, 07:01 AM
From All Access:

ROARING FORK PUBLIC RADIO Variety KAJX-KCJX (ASPEN PUBLIC RADIO)/ASPEN, CO has revamped its schedule to add more News-Talk programming, backing away from its afternoon and evening Jazz and Classical programming.

The new additions include an afternoon airing of NPR's "FRESH AIR" at 1p (MT) MONDAY-THURSDAY; "BBC NEWSHOUR" weekdays at 2p; NPR's "SCIENCE FRIDAY" aired live on FRIDAYS noon-2p; "THE WORLD" returning at 7p weeknights, bumping the evening airing of "FRESH AIR" to 8p; the evening edited replay edition of NPR's "1A" at 9p; and a checkerboard schedule of weekend shows at 10p. On weekends, "THE MOTH" will air SATURDAYS at 5p and "REVEAL" will be added for SUNDAYS at 1p; "HIDDEN BRAIN" will move to 10a SUNDAYS. "CLASSICAL MUSIC FROM ASPEN WITH CHRIS MOHR" has come off the schedule but will return during the ASPEN MUSIC FESTIVAL this SUMMER in the 1-3p slot.

ASPEN PUBLIC RADIO is also launching a podcast for teens, "GEN Z TEA," on JANUARY 18th. The show is hosted by JANE MAROLT and MARIEL GORSUCH and produced by ELEANOR BENNETT; a trailer was posted last SEPTEMBER.

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