View Full Version : Colorado's 'With(in)' Podcast Looks At Prison Issues From The Inside

Colorado Media Newsroom
September 17th, 2019, 12:33 PM
From All Access:


The DENVER UNIVERSITY PRISON ARTS INITIATIVE (DU PAI) and the COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS have collaborated for a podcast featuring conversations with people in prison in the state.

"WITH(IN)" is hosted by two inmates, ANDREW DRAPER, serving a life sentence for first-degree murder at STERLING CORRECTIONAL FACILITY and DENISE PRESSON, serving a 42-year sentence for second-degree murder, at DENVER WOMEN'S CORRECTIONAL FACILITY, along with DU PAI Founder/Director and podcast Exec. Producer ASHLEY HAMILTON. The show is being taped in the vault at the DENVER COMPLEX CORRECTIONAL FACILITY, and a newsletter with more stories related to the topics of the show and written and edited by incarcerated staff will be offered as well.

The first podcast episode posted YESTERDAY (917) with the CDOC's Executive Director DEAN WILLIAMS interviewed by the three hosts.

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