View Full Version : Documentary On Sirius XM's Dino Costa To Begin Shooting April 18th In Cheyenne

Colorado Media Newsroom
March 27th, 2013, 10:40 AM
From All Access:


SIRIUS MAD DOG RADIO host DINO COSTA will be the subject of a documentary film to begin shooting APRIL 18th in CHEYENNE, WY, where COSTA lives and works. The movie will be produced by CHESAPEAKE FILMS and will also shoot in NEW YORK CITY.

Director JOEL FRANCO said, "DINO is a breath of fresh air in the world of cookie-cutter sports Talk radio. He is fiercely independent, and connects with his audience like few can. I just knew that under that big personality was a story waiting to be told. I am so excited to begin."

COSTA said, "When I embarked on my career as a talk show host, I wanted to achieve many objectives; I never thought about the possibility of someone wanting to do a film about my career and my life. In speaking with JOEL about his vision for this film, I'm confident that collaborating with the crew at CHESAPEAKE FILMS will culminate in a documentary about my life that people will find interesting and compelling."

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