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  1. Viacom forcing Directv to drop their channels at midnight 7/10/12?
  2. DirecTV to carry Disney Jr. starting tomorrow 7/14/12 on Ch. 289
  3. DIRECTV Launches Isaac Storm Channel
  4. Fox 31 Could be off DirecTV as soon as Saturday Update an Agreement has been reached
  5. KUSA 9 might be off DirecTV after Nov 30. UPDATE: Won't happen. Agreement reached between Gannett and Directv.
  6. Comcast Xfinity’s catch-up week
  7. Comcast drops RFD-TV in Colorado
  8. Broncos telecast fumbled by Comcast
  9. Comcast Encrypts Their Basic Package In Denver
  10. The Weather Channel Bumped Off DirecTV In Fee Fight
  11. Cable TV, Radio Syndication Operator Glenn Jones Dies At 85